Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wedding! Our Trip to South Africa: Part One

My (now) numerous periods of silence punctuated only briefly by blogging this year has been largely due to unplanned international travel. This past December my dear hubby was meant to jet off for his little brothers wedding. I had just been to see my sister in Boulder in October and as money was tight we decided to split up to see our siblings. Recently we had news that my Dad was very unwell, so plans changed and by His grace we ALL landed up in SA.

Today Im going to show you around Paul and Francesca's beautiful wedding. Forgive the photo heavy post. I had NOTHING to do with it, so I cant take any credit. I sorted out the favours with my mum and went to place them at their reception, which was at my old church in SA. So, being without any children, I managed to get a whole bunch of the place - EMPTY. It was incredibly beautiful.

They had a high tea reception with a whopping 200 guests. It was a rich time of catching up with precious friends and family who we dont often see. There were THREE weddings three weeks while we were there, which mean that even friends who had moved abroad whom we've not seen for years made it back. It was one, big, happy reunion day.

 This was put together by a few ladies in the church. They are an exceptionally talented bunch. All of the hydrangeas were picked from a friend of a friends garden in Hilton, about an hour away. The poor garden must have paid quite a price to offer us such splendour!

 Unlike most pre-wedding days, the bride was not to be seen. The groom was the one fussing over tables, checking that everything was perfect for his Fran.

Cupcakes, sandwiches, scones and treats were laid out on these tables on gorgeous vintage crockery. It was a sight to behold, but for ONCE in my life, I just sat back and took it all in, with my eyes! There are no reception pictures.

Mike was the best man, and my mum had Levi, so I was still tied up with Ash for the ceremony. As most one year olds do, he started squawking and groaning, so all we got to see was Ches coming down the isle and a little of the worship.

 My Nana and Papa

Pauly moved into my flat on my parents property when I left home to marry Mike. He is as much a part of our family as Mike is, and is much loved by us all. It was a real family affair. 

 My favourite part of every wedding is the grooms face! 

 Ive never seen so many people crying at a wedding. He started weeping, which set her off, the more she sobbed the more her dad sobbed. There wasnt a dry eye. He wrote the most incredible song for her to walk down the isle to - that didnt help. 

They held so tight! 


 Mrs and Mrs Renwick, the third

Andre, who married Mike and I, in for his sons wedding four days later from Mauritius where they lead a church. 

 Ches with Mike and Pauls grand father. 

Ches's Father and Grandad

 A gorgeous gown! 

 Parents of the groom

Mike and Paul's cousins daughter, Bella

It was a wonderfully special day, filled with what for Renwick's is a traditional bit of rain. Mikes parents, Paul and Ches and us all have black umbrellas in our pictures outside the church. I'll have to load them at some point.

Even under the circumstances with dad, Im really happy that we made it back. It was a wonderful day filled with such happy memories!!


  1. Oh wow! What beautiful photos of what looks to be a very special day. May this precious couple walk in God's amazing blessings and favour!

  2. Oh my that had me sitting here reading with tears in my eyes hearing about the groom crying, and then his bride and everyone else! How wonderfully special. So good you could be there :)


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