Thursday, 27 January 2011

For Moms.

Im just back from an impromptu visit to the hospital. I gave the new dad a call to see if the new mum was up for visitors, and hightailed it out of here the second he said yes! There's nothing more precious than watching someone you know well, becoming a Mom. For me its one of the most special things in the world to witness, and I feel privileged each time I get to sneak into the maternity ward for newborn cuddles and new mum heart to hearts.

Levi, June 2008

Levi, June 2008

Motherhood settles upon a woman like a mantle. She is instantly changed forever. Do you remember what it was like? Im certain its different for each of us - but we all make that same transition. For some its the easiest thing in the world, for others the biggest challenge they will ever face. The wonderful thing, is that each time, with each child (even to the same mum), its unique - and its always beautiful. 

So, today, Im just posting a reminder. A reminder of first love. That new born smell. Their warm pink skin. 

Asher, November 2009

Their tiny warm bodies. 

Asher, November 2009

Just watching them sleep. 

Asher, November 2009

Learning what they don't like.

Asher, December 2009 
Learning how to comfort them. 

I encourage you - take a look through those newborn pictures. Be reminded of their sweet faces, which I feel guilty to say I hardly recognise at all. Be reminded of the sweetness of the gift, now that we're mucking through the swell of daily life with children. Just pause, and take in where they are, because if you're reading this you know all too well how fast is going. How fast its going to be gone. 

And Rejoice, before hopping up to put on another load of laundry. How blessed we are have baby clothes to launder. 


  1. So sweet. I love those pictures. And yes, it does go by SO fast.

  2. Last week, I signed Camille up for school one day a week starting in August. It is so hard to believe she has grown up so fast. I'm sure I will be shedding some tears then, too.


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