Sunday, 30 January 2011

Out on London Town - Part One

I love it when we have people come to visit. It forces us to get out and see our beautiful city, to put the mundane on hold and escape reality for the day. We've had a friend, Anders, over from Belgium the weekend. We havent seen him in three years so its was wonderful to introduce him to our boys and spend the day out in London. 

Anders, the kids and I on the tube to West Kensington. 

We decided to do something that would be fun for everyone, so The Natural History Museum was our first stop. We decided not to drive in, but rather to park and catch the tube - suffice to say this was the kids' highlight of the day! 

Our first family photo this year.

The Natural History Museum is a very beautiful building. I actually typed "one for the most beautiful" and then deleted and retyped it - London is full on incredible architecture and its something Im passionate about. I can't start about it. SO I'm just going to say it beautiful, and let the pictures speak from themselves. 

Its an incredible place to take you kids - there are rooms upon rooms of animals, interactive displays on everything from ants to human biology and its FREE! Its easily as entertaining for parents as it is for your little ones. If all goes well, which for us it didnt. 

Levi is at the point of dropping his afternoon nap. With it, he doesnt go to sleep till 10pm, without it its rough.  He fell asleep on Friday afternoon so didnt get to bed till late, was up early and therefore, you guess, miserable as anything by the time we arrived. It was a near disaster after the first 15 minutes. Lying on the floor crying, not wanting to be held, not wanting to listen. WE were those people you always feel secretly sorry for, while pretending not to notice. We knew he'd be tired, we did extend him. We, as a result, suffered the consequence. It was HECTICALLY busy, and being the Natural History Museum it was FULL of equally distressed, frustrated children... I'll leave it at that, I'm sure you can imagine!

The kids then both fell asleep, and left us to wonder around the V&A museum across the street, and then saunter down to Harrods, but i'll save that eye candy for tomorrow!

Next time we'll be there as it opens. We will go on a warm sunny day (not a grey sleety day with sub zero temperatures) when everyone else is out at the park. We will see the dinosaurs because there wont be a 30 minute que, and Levi wont be tired and have lost the will to live. And we'll have even MORE fun than we did this time! Because despite the drama - and it was full on at the time - we had quite a lot of fun!

Sweet Sunday will be up this evening! Till then, xxx

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  1. How fun and what a beautiful museum! I would LOVE to visit London someday. Maybe when the kids are older.
    Can't wait to see more photos!!


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