Monday, 24 January 2011

My friend's daughter has been kidnapped!

Please join us in praying for our friend Cath, and her daughter Bella, who was kidnapped by her biological father last week tuesday, from Durban, South Africa. Investigators are certain he has left the country with her. He had limited visitation and is a very wealthy, powerful man with very shady connections. He has at least five passports,  (that we know of) one of which is American, and had apparently been planning her abduction for months (clearing out properties, bank accounts, selling cars etc).  He has connections to obtain fake identities and move through borders, so please pray that Bella is kept SAFE and protected from whats happening around her, as he continues to try and dodge authorities.

He has the international resources and connections to disappear, but please pray with us that his dark plan will be foiled and that his plans will come to light. Every lead investigators have had has turned cold. They are out there somewhere and this poor little girl, who is only 2, has be taken from everything she knows and loves.

Please join us in praying that this little girl is returned to her mum, unharmed and soon. Please also pray for Cath to remain strong, as I cant imagine a more difficult thing to have to go through.

For updates and news add Catherine Krog on Facebook - the images are slowly getting through to the international press and cases are now being opened in countries where they know he has connections.

Cath's latest status
hi all, Brad Nathanson is dealing with the investigation. please if anyone wants to donate money towards the large reward offered or towards the investigation, Brads bank account details are as follows : BRASON SECURITY SERVICES ccABSAHILLCREST (632005)A.N. 4048621789 Please put BELLA's name as a reference! Thank you, Catherine

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  1. Many prayers going her way. I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going through.


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