Friday, 7 January 2011

Beach day - our trip to South Africa, Part Two

I really do have so much to tell you. Honestly. So much news my head is spinning. It would, however, seem that time is not my friend today. I have so very much to do, and so very little time to do it. I wish I could just call on my Fairy Godmother to wave her magic wand and transform my home into a state of orderly bliss. But, seeing as my FGM seems to be MIA (and while I have TWO, yes you read right... TTWWOOO simultaneously sleeping toddlers), and have much to catch up on before the weekend arrives, I will offer you some pics of the beach where I grew up.

Pookas first experience of sand and sea. Hmm. Maybe his second. Long year, was 2010. Either way, the first pics of him on my blog on beach sand. Yes. Thats truth.

It was grey, but I still tanned, can you tell? Well maybe just the top half of me.

Levi seemed to really enjoy the whole being burried vibe.

Digging himself out was just as fun.

I cant seem to make decisions today. Which pics are nicer, and why. Trying to do this quickly is messing with my sense of judgement. So you will get some that are similar - you decide the ones you like. Forget the others were ever posted.  You're amazing - thank you!

Freedom seemed to be the order of the day.

 And Pooks wasn't willing to smily for anything after being dipped in sea water. Can you say FAT BABY?

I remember being Levi's age and playing on the sand. I wonder if he too will remember things from his 2's?

Just feel I should clarify - Levi never did bite Asher's bum!

It was such a fantastic day. We also did the aquarium and dolphin show (but that deserves a post of its own - a post where I have my head on my shoulders and my brain engaged!).

The only reason Ive been quite for days is that my internet has been down. Regular service resumes tomorrow. Or maybe monday. No promises - I have a house to sort!

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