Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Matters of the Heart - Please read and share

I know I still haven't mentioned WHY I went to South Africa, or whats happening with Dad, but I wanted to do a post that did the whole situation justice. I just got home from the doctor after finding out that the reason I cant seem to drag myself out of bed or swallow anything is that I have Tonsillitis. Im on LOTS of meds and feel awful, so Im going to summarise.

Dad caught a virus in November. It has done irreparable damage to his heart and while he is on medication to keep him going and keep him alive for now, we have no idea how long the medicines will work for. He is on the top of the list of a heart transplant in South Africa, and now we wait.

My family and I would really appreciate your prayers. The reason I went back to South Africa was to spend a little time with him, and for him to meet his grandsons. At that point we didnt really have a clear idea of what was going on.

Its a grey cloud, misty feeling waiting on an organ. You know that the news you are waiting for is going to be another family's worst day - ever. You know that while you will be celebrating, they will be mourning. We will get to have our Dad and our Gramps around to see in another year, they may not even have been given the opportunity to say goodbye.

Please join us in covering the donor and their family in prayer. In all likelihood the donor is a perfectly healthy adult man, probably with a family of his won and young enough to still have his own parents alive. They are the ones with an immeasurable loss ahead of them. The last heart donor in the country was a 17 year old boy. He hadn't even finished school yet. He was involved in an accident that damaged his brain stem and his family were generous and caring enough to donate every organ that the transplant committee could use. That day a family lost a brother, a son, a grand son and many lost a friend. It was the darkest of days for them, yet they offered life to many. At least three otherwise terminally ill people were given a second chance. Three families were given their loved ones for another season.

Dad's cardiologist said something that put my heart at rest. I couldnt pray for someone to die! Who do I think I am that I have a right to pray to trade one mans life for another? Until he said the following the mugginess of emotion had robbed me of this important truth. Whether Dad needed a heart, or not, would alter another man's fate. The dates we would be born and die was known to the Father before we were even created. There is nothing we can do to alter that. We can simply pray for a generous enough family, who are willing to give the ultimate gift - part of someone they love, when they are having to say goodbye.

Ive taken a lot of med and Im REALLY tired, so Im heading back to bed. Please, just join us in praying. Praying that dad stays well. Praying for that family. Praying for all those who are spending their last days on earth - their relationships, their experiences.

If you aren't already registered - find our how to register in your country as an organ donor. When our Father calls you home, you may be able to leave the gift of life behind.

Most of us would take and organ for ourselves or a loved one without hesitation. How many of us would give one? Did you know that organ donation is not presumed, its voluntary. In most countries your family can not make this choice for you after you have passed away - YOU need to make the choice and register.

To register in the UK

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Since 1 April 2010 in the UK
  • 785 people have donated organs
  • an additional 1,912 people
    have donated corneas
  • 2,536 people have received
    the gift of sight
  • 2,077 people have received transplants
  • 7,863 people are still waiting for transplants

To register in the US check on google, as it differs from state to state. I know in CO you can make this choice when renewing your drivers license card. It seems that the site to look out for is called "Donate Life". 

United States Data

  • More than110,000 people need life-saving organ transplants in the United States.¹[Solid organs: Hearts, kidneys, pancreases, lungs, livers and intestines.]
  • There were just 8,021 deceased organ donors in the United States in 2009. A total of 21,855 organs were transplanted because these donors gave the gift of life.
organ donor statistics
 organ transplant statistics
  • Each day, on average, 18 people die in the United States because of the shortage of organ donors.
  • Every 11 minutes, a new name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.
  • Each year, more than one million people need lifesaving and life-improving tissues, and corneas.²  [Tissues: Heart valves, cardiovascular tissue, bone and soft musculoskeletal tissue, and skin.]
  • Approximately 9,600 people need lifesaving organ transplants in New York State, of which approximately 8,000 people are listed in the greater New York metropolitan area.³
  • In 2009, there were just 423 deceased organ donors in New York State, 285 of them in the greater New York metropolitan area.


  1. Oh Danielle, please know that I am adding my prayers with you and your family for your precious dad. What deep waters you and your family are negotiating right now, but I hear His tender whisper that He is the same God who knows how to still those same waters. Praying for His peace and strength to carry each of you.

  2. Hang in there sweetie....I am so sorry for this news. Please know I'm praying for all of you...and that you can have peace across the miles too...

  3. Of course we will pray! I have assisted on two heart transplants, one adult and one ped's in my time in theatres, and it is truly the most amazing miracle to watch an old damaged heart taken out and a new one donated selflessly by a family suffering such a loss, yet able to pass on the gift of life, start beating again and giving the recipient a chance of new life. Please keep us updated, and hopefully soon your dad will get the call and his new heart will be waiting for him!


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