Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Muffin recipe, oh muffin recipe - where art thou?

I have thousands of recipes. Some are precious and represent years of reworking and modifying. Some are family standards, which are simply the taste of my childhood, not necessarily the most amazing recipe, but one bite and Im right back in Mom's kitchen. There are always a few "projects", where Im baking through twenty different versions of the same thing to find what works well, and making my own recipe. Then there are the rest - magazine pull outs, books, scribbles copied from a magazine while waiting for a midwife appointment (I stopped this when I realised you could just take a PICTURE with your phone...). Most of those I've never ever read, let alone cooked.

When I, or rather my tummy, decides that I NEED a family recipe, I'll stop at nothing to get it done. I cant think straight or even focus on basic tasks, like laundry, (or blogging evidently!) without being consumed by the thought of it. Even Hubby knows this. He BOUGHT these pink silicon muffin pans en route home from work last night because he knew I wanted to make Mums Muffins, and my tins were out from a delivery.

Darling Hubby came in like a Knight in Shining, yielding muffin pans, only for me to NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THE RECIPE. I knew that calling Mum wasn't an option - with the time difference she'd definitely be in bed, and while that hasn't stopped me before this certainly wasn't a "culinary emergency". Last time I had a "culinary emergency" was serious case of new baby blues (aka hormonal wreck) so even she didnt moan about getting up to read me her milk tart recipe from the file. Baking is my therapy - and my family know that. No one gets in the way when they know that Im baking for therapy, rather than recreation. They've never tried and I thank them for that.

When I do get recipes from Mum, I get them emailed, I print them, I use them, I leave them in the filing pile with the post for a week, batter stained and doodled on. When I finally get around to doing that pile of filing, I think "WHY would I put this here? Its on email, lets chuck this copy" and then, two years later (yes, I haven't made Mum's muffins in TWO YEARS) I search through a heap of emails, not to be able to find it. So we made these (above) ones, not NEARLY as good, but I suppose they are quite nice.

Im going to get the REAL recipe from Mum tonight. Im going to print it, file it and save a copy to my recipe folder. Then I'm going to blog it. Maybe more than once, just to make sure I never loose it again. They are just so easy, so perfect, and the batter lasts in the fridge for weeks. REALLY.

So whats the point in me giving you the recipe for the above muffins (which was my intention when I sat down to write this post) baked today in desperation only to offer disappointment ? Well, I suppose there isnt one, really. So I wont. Unless you really want it. In which case, I'll email you a picture of the recipe text from my iPhone.

Till then ...

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