Friday, 2 September 2011

Wedding Cake

If I'm honest, purple isn't my very favourite colour. But while I would have preferred this cake to be all "Ivoire" (I'm just that kind of girl) I'm still happy with how it turned out. I think it worked really well in the room.

Its really helpful to manage an event thats not too big. Its wonderful to be able to do everything, or at least very closely oversee everything - it brings in a great deal of continuity. For this occasion, I did the flowers, and a precious friend and I did the food. I oversaw the rest of it (the set up etc) and this meant that everything pulled together really well. 

The cake was a three tier madagascan vanilla sponge - as the reception was an afternoon tea, we needed to keep it simple. There were more than enough sweet flavours around. 

The brides bouquet was filled with amazing spring blooms. Ranunculus, peonies, parrot tulips, lizzies, and some lilac freesias for her hint of lilac. Below is a pic of it sitting a jug at the church - where you can see the gorgeous flowers a little better. 

The bridesmaids bouquets (I was holding all of them together here, waiting for the girls) were darker purples to suit their dresses. Lizzies, freesias, sweetpeas and eucalyptus made sweet smelling posies that survived a day of being lugged around really well. 

With every event I do, I learn something new. I meet more amazing people who I enjoy working with, and I find incredible JOY in seeing the smiling faces of who ever I've worked for., an everyone enjoying the event.

And weddings, are almost certainly, my favourite! 

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