Monday, 29 November 2010


Im convinced that the older you get, as each year you live progressively becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of your life, so they pass faster. Each year really does seem to fly by quicker that the previous one. Even the weeks are melting into one.

Asher's last night being 0. 

You know when your best friend posts about your baby's first birthday before you do that you've been slack. Well, Jules beat me to it. SO here I am playing catch up.

When you invite all 8 babies your little one's age to a party, you really dont think they will all make it. When they do, along with their Mummy, Daddy and sibling, your November townhouse livingroom party may start to feel like a ludicrous idea.

At least one baby will sit down ON a plate of food. 

This was my two year old's first party that he has been old enough to understand that those big packages are in fact gifts - wonderful fun toys that we want to unwrap, and that cake is sweet and tasty and candles are for blowing it. So predictably, he thought it was HIS party!

Asher is quite happy to let his brother take care of the dirty work for him.

Our in-house pyrotechnologist was sorely disappointed that there was only ONE candle to blow out. 

Needless to say, it was chaos. There was a LOT of mess. A LOT of noise. But they all seemed to really have fun!

 A stolen moment with my Love. 

Even Asher's God Parents (Tom and Chelsea) who you may remember from my previous posts,  made it with baby Lucas. Her mum is over from Australia and, as you can see below, she is just LOVING being with her babies.

The theme was a teddy bear's picnic. November isnt the best time of year for a picnic, but we made do!

Sweet Jules saw through my vision of a teddy bear cut out to keep memories of our guests. She painted away merrily downstairs as guests arrived. Isnt she brilliant?

 Jules and JoJo

Sweet Jules (top pic) and amazing JoJo (bottom pic) are two of my oldest friends from SA who are both living close to me in London for the time being. There is nothing like friends with history. They both have unbelievable capacity and time for my babies. They afford us date nights, let me steal their gorgeous non-mummy clothes and they LOVE my babies even when they are grubby and stinky.

Birthday boy

As any Mom who reads this will know, the first year of your second baby's life goes by in a heart beat! Its been a time filled with JOY and love and litte Asher Keith, who's name means blessing in the midst of a battle field, has truly lived up to it!

Now, given we live in a backwards country that (even though we get it every year) doesnt know how to deal with even an inch of snow, im off to grocery shop and stock my larder. Hopefully I'll get to posting some winter warming recipes for you soon. 



  1. I love it!!! I also love that I got there first ;) xxx

  2. Great photos! What a cute party. I love the cut outs!
    Time really does fly much faster with the second baby. Enjoy every moment.

  3. That picture of your little boy, after the candle was blown out, his hands in an upturned gesture of "Where'd it go?" is classic.

    The cake is beautiful, too.

    Happy BIRTHday to you, Mama!


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