Sunday, 2 May 2010


When I was pregnant with Levi, I really wanted a classic, chic nursery that would last him a while. I chose gorgeous bargain 5th Ave fabric, made (well got Mum to make!) heavy lined curtains, cot bumpers and all the matching bits. We painted the furniture a lovely duck egg blue and got everything looking really lovely for him on our tight budget. His nursery was beautiful. It was small, but it really was all we needed.

When I was pregnant wtih Ash, I bough a cosleeper, a little extra linen, washed it all and attached it to the bed. That was five months ago.

We have since moved house (hopefully for the last time in a long while!) and now that we are down our fourth bedroom and the spare room and boys' room is upstairs, I have Ash sleeping in his rocking crib in the livingroom. We live in an English town house with three floors and a bit of an odd layout. Downstairs we have the kitchen, a playroom, a converted (windowless!) garage which will be my diningroom one day and a cloakroom. Up the stairs there is a family bathroom ahead, the livingroom to the left, and the master bedroom along with ensuite to the right. Up the stairs AGAIN and you come to the boys' room, currently on the right and the guest/box and junk room to your left. These are both attic rooms with ceiling windows.

Levi (22mths) currently has the nursery to himself. Its just been easier to keep Ash down near me for feeding and to make sure he doesnt wake his bother when he has his late night feeds. He is slowing moving from nursing to taking a bottle so we hope that the sleeping through is something we can soon expect to be regular *** watch this space*** LOL!

With this in mind, I have decided the nursery is due a complete REVAMP... and my darling hubby has much obliged and purchased me two matching cot beds. For those of you around the world who dont know what these are, they are large cribs which you can convert to a small bed by removing the rails and adjusting the head and footboard heights. Your littlies can be in them till they are about six or so. The boys will be sharing a room for some time now into the future (unless we are fortunate enough to unexpectedly be moving into the country some time soon, and no ones told me yet? No? Aaaah OK.) so we are setting up their little abode really nicely now.

I am all VERY excited and hope to gather some friends along the way to follow my progress and motivate me to keep on at it - nothing better than a little accountability to keep you going.

I've (almost!) decided on a cowboy theme - I think it will grow well with them and I have found some really sweet Cath Kidston fabric and accessories to help get me started.

There are LOTS more rooms to be done in the house so hopefully one by one I can chronicle them here. I promise to be honest about the state of my rooms, real about the mess, and not to crop the looming laundry pile out of the picture - as tempting as it may be!

SO for all things home, food (and one day if I eventually make it out there) garden... follow me on iBlinkThereforeiAm

Love and Blessings


  1. O boy... we're on the same path! (Minus the children!) :) I just got married in January and we moved to our home (we're renting it from my wonderful grandparents)about one month ago. We were gone two weeks of that month to Haiti... so we're still moving in and desiding what we want with each of our SEVERAL rooms. It's a large brick farmhouse built in the 1800s, placed (unfortunately) in the middle of the business end of town. But it's a fun journey. Check it out at if you care!
    and... my husbandjust planted a HUGE garden :)
    nice blog! :) Keep it up


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