Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My last diningroom

My new diningroom is going to be the biggest challenge of the house. It (very sadly) has no window. It was our compromise room when we found this house - and a big compromise compared to my last which had massive french doors out onto the patio and was just an arch away from the kitchen, and a door a away from storage heaven (my utility room - another sacrifice, in this house I have lost it completely - although I have gained a small playroom which is arguably invaluable). This picture was take at christmas just passed, and while is was not the normal layout of the room, it makes me happy to see my favourite things (including my decorations) on display. This was taken on my iPhone so the quality isnt great but you get the idea.

So if anyone on here has ideas for decorating a room with no window, please follow and leave lots of comments when we get there!

For those of you wondering what all the photo issues are, we are converting the house from Windows to Apple and Im not fully clued up on it yet! Just need to find all my pics and get them onto the new computer!

Hopefully these teething issues will soon pass and it will be plain sailing from here on out!

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