Thursday, 6 May 2010

Another First

When trying to get your babies to sleep in a new place, it always helps if they are tired when you put them down. Really tired. So, with this in mind and my plans to put them both down for their afternoon nap at the same time in the nursery together for the first time ever, I decided that this morning was a morning for a trip to the animal farm!

After much running around, petting some fury friends and playing in the playground we returned home for some lunch - and then to bed they went.

Clean bums, in their little beds. Asher, sleeping in the big cot for the first time. Levi sleeping with someone else in the room for the first time since he did the big move to his big boy cot. I expected at least a little bit of a delay in them falling asleep. For Levi to notice and care that he had company, or for Ash to realise that he was falling asleep in a new place, in a new bed, with his big brother just there. Alas, these milestones in their little lives seem to have passed unnoticed. The things that, as a mother, you plan for and anticipate - like time *tick tock* they just pass on by.

And so, another day - another first for each of my babies as they grow into little boys. Its their first day of sharing a bedroom. My heartstings feel as hard tugged as Im sure they will when they spend their last night sharing a bedroom, before Levi heads off to university or to where ever his life leads him. I can feel the bittersweet joy, even now, of my little boys becoming young men, all too soon.

I wish I could just pause for a second, to take it all in. Their sweaty little foreheads while they sleep, and in chorus sing their little baby snores. Their sweet smelling breaths and pink flushed cheeks. All of it. With every first we have, we come one step closer to every last... and time just goes too quickly.

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