Monday, 17 May 2010

And then he looked me straight in the eye...

We are people of Faith - at least we try to be. We do our best to take God's word at face value. To settle it as truth in our hearts. To believe for things most people in the world would want us committed for. I wish I had greater faith than I do some days. I wish that my faith was more consistent across the different areas of my life. I wish that I could trust God with a childlike faith, with no shadow of doubt that He WILL heal, not just that He can.

Last weekend we had special friends round for a cup of coffee. Levi woke up just a minute before they were about to leave and they offered to pray for him. For those of you who dont know about his eye issues, see the "squint" label - not sure how to link it in yet... We laid hands on him and prayed for his eyes to return to the way they where created, in the image of Christ. While is eyes were not perfectly straight, there was a remarkable improvement.

In the week that has past he has had good days and worse days with his squint. It has, at times, been better than it has been for the past six weeks. At other times it has been obviously worse. His head rubbing is less pronounced and his tantrums arent kicking off with heartbreaking head banging nearly as much - even though he has been running a fever for days and not sleeping well (molars coming through, I think) so in his current state I would expect him to be excessively miserable and at his worst. We believe that God has started a work in his little eyes and body and we are trusting for a completion of it! How wonderful it will be if we dont have to use the referral to the eye hospital!

Yesterday he had been running a fever since lunch time that paracetamol would not bring down, so I did the unthinkable (feel free to gasp and shake your head at me...) I let him out into the rain and 12deg C weather in his wellie boots and brollie to cool him down. I have no idea where he found his dummy (he should only have them at naps, and even then only while he is teething) but off he went, dummy in, brollie up for a wonder. He was out there for about half an hour and at some point while cooking lunch I decided I could not miss the opportunity to capture it, so I snuck out with my camera. PS - the cold did bring his fever right back down, and I think it was kinder than a cold bath!

PS **White linen trousers and rain soaked lawn are not a great combo... woops! Anyway - I took a bunch of pics and got them onto my computer this morning, to find all of the pics of him looking straight at the camera!! He has not done this in months now! We are going to a meeting with a man gifted in healings tomorrow night - please pray that his little body is filled with the Holy Spirit and that his eyes are healed!

Appreciate you prayers and emails!

Love and Blessings

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  1. Go Chevy - get better!
    ps just have a re-read of your profile info thing - i think you need to check out the sentence after "a mother of two under two" either i am faulty or it needs another word in it ;) xx


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