Friday, 21 May 2010

Baker Baker

Im baking cake for 100 people for tomorrow - somehow, at some point, tonight maybe? Im thinking 4 different cakes for 25 people each is probably the way to go. So how do you all feel about one Red Velvet, one Chocolate, one Victoria Sponge and one Orange. I could swap one out for a carrot cake, maybe, but the Chocolate and Red are the b-day boys favourites so they cant go. The Orange Cake is the most divine thing on earth (and may rate pretty highly in heaven too) so its the Vici sponge that might get the cut.

Any advice? Maybe I should just make 5....?

All recipes will hopefully be blogged over the days to come - as with this much baking going on there might not be much progress on the house and home side. At least you all know why!


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