Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Thank you!

While we are still having bad spots with Levi's eyes, God's faithfulness has been amazing and our precious little boy's eyes are doing so much better! To see how bad they were before just click on the "squint" tab below. Im not bright enough to know how to link it in yet - feel free to educate me though ...

85% of the day his eyes are now perfect! When they arent, we simply tell them that Jesus didnt create you like that, eye, so submit to Him and be straight!! Well, its all going well so far. Since we took him for prayer the other night, there has been a wonderful improvement.

Yesterday we played outside in our garden, we have had our first real day of summer weather!

We watched the clouds and spotted planes in the sky!

We were reminded again what a blessing our perfect sight is.

I cant tell you how much happier my little boy is. His head banging has nearly stopped completely. He is now tantruming like a normal nearly two year old, and Im rejoicing!

He has his cheeky little sense of humour back again - as you can see here, imitating daddies laugh..

I have my baby back, so thank you and God bless you as He has us, for your faith filled prayers that have obviously not returned fruitless!

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