Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Delivery day!

Today has been a little like Christmas. Because I seem to have very expensive taste (not on purpose, just so happens if you give me two options I tend to like the more expensive one!) and am accustomed to having to meet my particular requirements on a tight budget (although MikeDreamy is always very generous with me and my "needs") I have become an avid ebayer and bargain hunter.

I hate to pay a penny more than I absolutely have to, for anything. That doesnt mean I want the cheapest crib, or the plainest linen. What it really means is that I want to pay the very best price for the exact thing I want... I have no problem buying used furniture, table linens, mirrors etc. But when I set my heart on the exact thing I want, I will stop at nothing to get a discount. This may have started out of necessity, when I had only my budget to work with and there was simply no room at all to add to it. These days, even if there was is room to say steal from the living room budget to give to the nursery, I still need that bargain!

For this reason I have an hyperactive ebay account. If you have never used ebay, I highly recommend you give it a go - just dont blame ME for the consequences!!! Lets not get me started on ebay though, it deserves a whole post - or a dedicated blog maybe- of its own.

When it came to redoing the nursery (see my very first post on this blog) I decided I wanted really good quality cots that where going to last the boys a number of years, so the cotbed design was a natural choice. I chose a few designs that I liked and then got started on trying to find not one, but TWO of a cot that I liked at a rocking price. I managed, after a bit of haggling and praying, to secure two cot beds and one luxury cot bed mattress (I already have one for the other cot) all brand new for less that the full RRP of one of the cots. That includes the delivery charge! It does, however, mean that the two cots are each being delivered from different suppliers (they each only had one available on discount) on two different days, one of which happened to be today. I have also bought two sets of cot linen (bumpers and quilts) from a discontinued Cath Kidston range (well the range isn't discontinued, but for some reason the nursery linens are?) which are also coming from two different places, one of which arrived today. YAY!

The moral of the story for today is that you should never feel you cant have something you like, because you feel its out of your reach financially. Chances are there is something very similar (or if you are lucky the exact thing you want!) available to achieve the look you have fallen for, at a much better price than the store catalogue leads you to believe. Maybe what you find is preloved or needs a lick of paint to bring it back to life, and it means you spend a day or two in to sign for the packages (its not a babiesrus service after all!) but if you are wise about choosing key pieces for your rooms you can fill in the blanks with bargains and compromises and get the look you are after. Most times it even works out better than the whole store package - your room can be unique, have its own character and the best part is you have fun along the way!

Check out and or your local charity store for some great bargains!

Love and blessings.

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