Monday, 3 May 2010


I suppose for me to be truely accountable, I should blog every day just to let you all in on what exactly it is I've done towards getting my tip, I mean house, sorted and looking beautiful....

Today was a bank holiday so I had my dreamy man home. Its been a bit of an unproductive housewife day, given the aim was to do some more unpacking- I didnt even get a load of WASHING on (gasp!) but I did wash my hair LOL. There are still many hours left in it though so I suppose I will have to make up for lost time tonight.

I did shop today (online of course) and am now one quilt and one cot bumper closer to the boys' new room. I am waiting on the end of the auction for the second one now (how amazing that I found TWO on ebay in the same day??).

Im also LOVING the colour *RED* since, well, day before yesterday? Ive been trying to dig up some pictures of Levi's original nursery for you but no luck yet. Really need to get these pictures sorted.

Until then...

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