Saturday, 6 November 2010

Working on the weekend!

Its hardly a big project, but the results will be life changing. No, really. Tonight I'm working on Levi's little duvet cover. We are converting his cot to a bed tomorrow and giving him his freedom. Kinda. He already HAS his freedom - he sniffed it once and grabbed onto it with both hands and never let go, he was 16months old at the time - he has been climbing in and out of his cot, in his sleeping bag, all the time for 14months. We are just making him more safe by removing the bars and giving him the opportunity to be a big boy, to make good choices... Like sleep! Im realising that persisting with putting him into the cot, isnt going to keep him there. I think 14 months of trying is, well, adequate!

He has taken to napping on my bed in the afternoon - he LOVES the duvet, the pillows, the plushness. He is a little creature of comfort - for sure. SO rather than throwing him onto a prison style bare mattressed bed in a sleeping bag, I thought I would make him a mini version of our bed - in both style and comfort!

Given that I have finally "completed" the nursery, I wanted something that would add to it, rather than take away from its loveliness. SO I'm putting together a little cowboy duvet set for him. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show you the finished product!

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