Monday, 15 November 2010

Under pants

We've gone down the rabbit hole. I certainly didnt plan on us being this far down the road of the big P.T. at the start of a freezing winter with a two and a nearly half year old who does talk yet. How do you potty train a child who cant TALK??? Well, I think the simple answer is - you dont! HE decided he wants to sit on the toilet rather than wear a nappy. HE decided that he was ready to make a wee in the toilet. HE has decided to potty train himself.

Today I bought underpants. Tiny little undies with a monkey print. I was simultaneously over the moon and as low as a lead balloon. My baby is growing up. But they are the CUTEST, TINIEST little underpants ever. It kinda makes it all ok!

Im not really sure what Im doing. Ive never potty trained a toddler before. Im glad that he seems to be really loving his undies, and seems very happy to sit on the toilet. He seems to know what he is doing. Im learning to trust this little person. Trusting that he knows what he needs. Trusting that he will find a way tell me.

On afternoon one, hours one and two of being in undies, after two successful loo runs (plus a number more false alarms!) and no accidents, Im please to say that we seem to be going down an unexpected and exciting road together... My little boy has shown me he is ready, Im not going to hold him back!

So much for waiting till summer... Im following my little white rabbit, and down the hole we go... Hopefully the free-fall will be short lived.


  1. you are doing a good job ;) even if you buy transparent potties

  2. Pottytraining a boy is so not fun!
    Thanks for the comments on my little birds. Those three pieces have sold, but I am making many many more. :)


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