Thursday, 18 November 2010

24 hours

Over the past 24hrs I have received news that I thought, if ever I were to receive, would stop my world spinning in an instant. I thought, that on hearing such news, the ache would be paralysing to my core. That only involuntary actions would persist. Heart beat. Breath. Tears.

Maybe its the fact that we have had news of an eventuality, rather than something thats already over and done. Maybe its that we still hold hope, and hope has overcome the paralysis for now, and numbed the ache.

Maybe its that for all of us, death is an eventuality, and knowing this, I have spend most of my recolectable life reasoning through and preparing for such an eventuality. In doing so I have come to one conclusion. One conviction.

He created us. He predestined the day we would be born, and the day we would die. He knows it all. He knows of our Hope. He knows all of our fears. And as mere mortals we can not decide when these things happen. This brings me peace and joy. And Peace, Joy and Hope fend off that paralysis. They keep the world spinning.  He keeps the world spinning.

Just as He will keep MY world spinning, when the eventuality eventually arises. Just as He will keep me filled with Peace and Joy in my time of sorrow. Because He is my Heavenly Father, and if He chooses to take away my earthly one sooner than I can care to understand, I know He will be there. He will continue to provide. He will continue to love, to comfort and to nurture me and my family. He will bind me up and heal my wounds. Because He loves me fiercely. And He only gives good gifts to His children.

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  1. Hugs to you sweet girl. He is faithful...always. Some news though is enough to send you shaking in your skin, gasping for air, and paralyzed with fear. Know that He is with you, and so are so many that adore you...near and far.


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