Sunday, 20 February 2011

Slow Sunday

Recently I've had a bee in my bonnet. I want our chaos to become organised chaos. One of the areas that seems to be neglected until our annual tax return is our FILING. It all goes into one big pile, but it doesn't ever get sorted until it needs to be. I have blamed this partially on not having a designated office, but soon thats not going to be a reason. I get my desk on tuesday from a friend, so hopefully I'll have a little "ME" space to show you, soon. In that ME space will be a place to file - a small way to bless my husband at his most stressful time of year - financial year end. 

Pooka (Asher) chilling out on the "eat you up" sofa, with his apple. 

Pooks with a little company from his big brother. Even the kids moved slowly today.

There is a point to all this rambling - I finally filled all of paperwork from our car purchase. We bought our car in May. Last year. Yes. Im THAT bad. As I was punching and filling, I noted the MOT date (MOT is like a roadworthiness test you car has to have here annually, from its third birthday) and stopped dead in my tracks. In all our distraction with Dad in December, I completely forgot that my car was due its first MOT. In short, I've been driving around illegally, with invalid insurance, in snow and all, for nearly three MONTHS.  We immediately cancelled our Sunday plans, and Mike had to catch the bus with Levi into Church to teach kids ministry. They had SUCH fun. 

Spring Dafs!

I had a morning alone, with just Pooks. I am speechless about how much I got done. I got to sleep in an extra hour and a half. I cleaned the whole house and it STAYED clean. I did a little laundry. I straightened picture frames, and they stayed straight. I made beds, that remained made. Everything stayed how i'd put it. Asher followed me around, riding on the vacuum cleaner and "dusting". I had a glimpse into life when Levi grows out of his current chaos. Its going to be blissful

Mike and Levi got in around 2pm, we had lunch and then all my boys decided to nap. I was completely alone in a sparkling house. Never in living memory as a mother has this ever happened. I literally twiddled my thumbs as I paced the kitchen, not knowing what to do next. My gaze rolled over my cookbooks as I turned to continue pacing. Soaking up the order with each breath. I decided to bake (surprise, surprise) and skype mum for a catch up. 

Feta and Peppadew muffins.  Recipe to follow! 

Once the savoury muffins were in the oven, I started on supper. Simple Shepherds Pie won the grocery bill lottery (when I skim read the bill which I keep next to the fridge when I haven't made a meal plan..) and before I knew it everything was done. The week day snacks, a hearty supper. Even the dishes. My boys all woke from their nap, we had supper. Mike bathed them and put them to bed. 

Simple Shepherd Pie

We had a word from friends at our last life-group, that we were entering a season of being carried. That we were being cut back and pruned in order for there to be abundant fruitfulness in the season ahead. Im trusting that this is just the start of it! Oh what a spacious place I found myself in today. Long may it last. 

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  1. I'm horrific at filing too. Mark does our paperwork/bills...and I do the kid stuff. I don't have a great all. It's one of those things that just stacks and stacks. Thanks for the reminder to get with it! I find that I do the tasks I enjoy most...the cooking, baking, and fluffy household tasks like decorating. The nitty gritty is where I get lost and lose ground. Sigh!


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