Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Out on London Town - Part Two - Harrods

So, you can see how our attempt to entertain our kids ended in epic failure here. Im not going to go there again - 'cos the day just got better from there. What do you in Knightsbridge with two sleeping boys? HARRODS I say!

Harrods is a massive department store in London. It is the ultimate in luxury, rarity, exclusivity etc, etc. Couture gowns fresh off the catwalks, solid gold cutlery, massive Tiffany rocks. They have it all. What I DO really like about them is that they also stock a whole lot of "normal" department store brands. They have the BEST kids toy store, which is relatively priced to other department stores, and you can go on and buy a pair of Nine West pumps once you have fawned over the Louboutins you'll never be able to afford. They sell tea and ketchup and lettuce one floor away from the Marchesa Fall collection - where else in the world would you find that?

I decided you should have a link to their website - so went across to copy it - only to find that they in fact have a 360deg viewing thingy mabob! How fun! SO here is the link when you are feeling bored, and have nothing better to do but look at the Room of Luxury (ie handbags that would cost you more than your mortgage). See is HERE.

Today Im just going to show you around the food halls. There are many, I only have a few pictures of some. You all seem to be so excited about Valentines day, so I took some of their display -  just for YOU. They aren't perfectly coloured because I couldn't dare disturb their regulars while they shopped, by blasting them with FLASH, now could I?

This lace chocolate heart would set you back a mere £30 / $48.50. You can only buy them at Harrods. The remarkable thing is that someone is going to spend $50 on that ONE chocolate!

Now, I cant say that I object to someone spending that much money on chocolate. We are talking about Belgian tempered perfection. If someone decided that they absolutely HAD to spend that £30 / $50 on chocolate for me, this is where I'd have them do it. You know, lots of little ones. Or three little ones. EIther way, rather here than there!

What's in those fridges...

The Fromagerie with the most beautiful ceiling!

My precious bambino's - sleeping while we shopped for cheese!

Andy Man (bottom left) in the seafood hall.

A pretty room FULL of nothing but Perfume!

Leaving Harrods (illuminated by 11500 light bulbs) in a black cab, picture complete with a Red telephone box.

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  1. This post made me miss London so much because I want to push a baby around in a pram in beautiful Harrods :) Hopefully coming in December to meet my newly born nephew!


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