Monday, 7 February 2011

The big swap

The dust is settling, but it's been epic. I've been sitting on the fence about the arrangement of our ground floor for months, and not knowing whether we'd stay in this house another year or not, left me feeling so sapped I had no energy to even think about making a choice . Well we've decided that this is home for another year (big decision number on out the way). And we decided that it was time to make the move.

We've been busy, really busy, and we've had sick kids and non-sleeping kids, and visitors and excuses like there's no tomorrow. That, and I couldn't decide what I WANTED. We had not a cent to spare towards what ever we chose, and swapping three rooms around can leave HOLES where you need storage, empty corners that need tables and floors which need rugs.

We knew it would take a LOT of time and even more effort - when you're moving things from A to C, and B to A you have a lot of things which have no "waiting area" - more specifically a LOT of porcelain that has no waiting area, things get tricky.

Thanks to Alicia over at La Famille and her "get go" redo, I felt the necessary bump off of the shelf of indecision that I've been needing, and decided that I was going to do what I'd been thinking of doing for months. And if it didn't work I'd just move everything back. How could that do harm? And if there where holes, that was still better than living miserably and discontented. I'd probably waste more time pondering the possibilities than it would take to move it all, and then move it all back.

Its mostly done. We only started at midday yesterday, but the sorting and rearranging and heavy lifting is done. Its not pretty, yet, but I didn't make the move to make things look pretty. In fact, I made the move because I decided that pretty was LESS IMPORTANT than practical, and that what I loved and needed might be fulfilled if I just let go of some things I'd set my heart on. Lay some things down.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start the big reveal - today I've been arms full with two sweet boys with terrible nappy rash. So bad that there has been screaming. Bleeding. Refusing to eat. So today Im tending to my brood.

See you all tomorrow!

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