Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our Home - Our bedroom

There's no point having buttons if they don't link to something. After I finished making my bed this morning, I realised that I had one boy asleep and one at nursery. My camera was lying on my dresser. There was no laundry balance on the bed waiting to be packed away, no tiny humans under my quilt. The stars aligned and I knew that If I didn't seize the moment, it may not come again soon. 

So here it is. Its quite tough getting decent shots with the light flooding in the window. 

We live in a recently built town house. It possesses no charm. We rent, so we cant put any hooks into walls, hang shelves, paint and be merry. So we make do.

My towel rail is victorian, and very roughly finished. Be glad you're seeing it only at a distance. The "dream" and "love" words are made from Zulu teething beads all the way from South Africa

I bought the Degas ballerina from a junk shop in South Africa years ago - Its really old, stained and a little moth eaten - we always joke that it might be real (its' certainly old enough)! I bought it as it is for R20, £2 or  3US dollars, for my little girl's room one day. Two boys in, I've decided I might just keep it in my room for now.

I adore this linen - it was an anniversary gift from my darling husband, two years ago. He carried it home  to London the whole way from South Africa where the kids and I stayed behind on holiday. He took it from the plane, on the train to work. He had it at his desk all day. He lugged it home. I feel loved every time I look at it. 

Its not my dream room, not even close. But this is home. 

You're welcome, anytime! 

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