Monday, 21 February 2011

Baker Baker

Levi is going to be a phenomenal baker. At two and a half, he works the Kitchen Aid without assistance. Without assistance, people,  NOT without supervision. Breathe. He cracks his own eggs perfectly. Sometimes while not supervised, sometimes into the nearest bowls, to make "scrangled egg". Yes, bowls. Plural. If I measure things out, the knows how to make a number of our firm favourites, and with his counting coming on leaps and bounds, its a matter of time before he is weighing out his own ingredients. 

I realise that I may never have daughters, so Im training up my boys in a way to ensure I get outstanding daughters in law. A girls got to think ahead. Right? I had two friends around with their boys' today. One has three, one has two. Altogether there were 7 under 5 boys in the kitchen at one point. I don't know how content I would feel having 7 sons. Maybe 4. Not 7. 

Levi made his first short-crust pastry recently. Given it didn't involve operating heavy machinery (the kitchen aid) or cracking of eggs, his attention was split between his character doll from a british kids series, some duplo and his task at hand. 

Did you know that lego does WELL in the dishwasher. Top shelf, in a "delicates" washer basket. You know those netting things you put your delicates into the washing machine in (if you can even find it)?

I thought it was very sweet that Igglepiggle (the blue doll) got to eat some pastry too. Levi ate most of his. No surprise. Its mostly butter. And you all know how he feels about butter. 

I have some really exciting news to share which Im not at liberty to release yet. But may I just prepare you. It's incredible. Hopefully tomorrow?

Until then - Mothers of sons unite in creating V.E.B. (Very Eligible Bachelors) so as to ensure P. O. D. I Ls. (Pretty Outstanding Daughters In Law)


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