Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Our Kitchen - What happens AFTER you let go.

Yesterday  I filled you in on some changes I've been making. The biggest changes haven't been over things, but rather changes of heart. There are many things I love and hold dear, that are just THINGS. One of them is my beautiful 6ft dining table, which I've had since we were newly weds. I love to feed people, host people, throw parties and squeeze as many people as I can around my table. Having a place for it is one of the most important things when I look at a potential house. You can read about why using it is no longer an option here

My reason

Its too easy to not realise when we need to change. Its too easy to hold on to things we're hoping for, when there may be a really practical and helpful solution right in front or you. I'm no good at compromise. I'm not particularly good at letting go. 

Im not really wild about this kitchen. I'd love an oak raw wood kitchen, or a white kitchen, or something. But we're renting, and this isnt bad as fast as kitchens go! Im feeling a WHOLE LOT better about it now that I have a bit more of what I love in it!

I've managed to find a place for my heart, and my notice board in our new nook.

These tablecloth weights have been sitting in a drawer for three years. Im glad that they are finally getting to see light of day. 

I own an excessive a lot of cutlery. All of the colonial bone handled silver in the first drawer was from my wedding shower. I had to get gifts I could transport back to the UK from South Africa. They are for our relaxed outside dining mainly, but they look perfect with any vintage table settings. The second drawer holds some of my really good silver. I have 18 of everything, and when I had my big table, I used it all often.

Deciding what to put ON the dresser was really tough. I own a LOT of porcelain. Enough to feed 40 people a 4 course meal without washing a dish. Really. Some of my favourites are the Château plates, which I eventually settled on. They are from the mid 1800's and show the Châteaux of the Loire Valley in France. I picked them up for next to nothing in a french furniture warehouse when visiting our friend's château.

Protea's imported from South Africa where I grew up - a gift from a friend.

What Im reading (and drinking!) this week

The silver table in all the baking shots! 

One of my favourite things about this room now is that its so true to me. It has things I've picked up over years. It feels layered. It has things from where I grew up, where I've been on holiday, gifts and furniture I love. Its not something I've copied out of a magazine, or gone out shopping to do. I had it ALL. 

Our first sunshine in weeks.

My French chairs.

What's inside. Those are saucers for my million vintage tea cups.

This week I've learned that being opened handed and putting our families first can reward US in ways we never expected! I've never loved my kitchen more. It's wonderful eating meals together, having somewhere to have people over again. 

I now lead our hospitality and catering team at Church - God has opened the door to feeding the masses in a way that I never imagined possible. In doing so, He has made this transition to a dining table for four a sweet thing for me. We are entering a season of intimacy. Drawing close to our Father. Drawing close to our family. Laying DEEP foundations into friendships. It wont be forever, just like the end of winter is looming and spring draw close this season will end and I will need to change, all over again. Im just hoping that Im not so blind, for so long, next time around! 

Thank you for sharing and motivation this transition for me. You're and inspiring lot! 


  1. I think it looks LOVELY! Well done, friend!

  2. It looks beautiful sweet friend! I love your changes, and how much personality you poured into this room....right down to those beautiful tablecloth weights! I'm catching up on your posts...these last two weeks or so have been nuts. I love your "family first" mission for the year. I've been trying so hard to do the same...they grow soo quickly, and the needs do change so. I need to make some decisions around here about space as well.
    Thank you for your sweet words about my birds. Ah...I am hoping to open an etsy shop...perhaps March 1?? I need a deadline and a goal. I have so much I'd like to do..just stumped by the technology and the details. I need to spend some time looking at all of it this weekend. I'll keep you posted!!

  3. you're kitchen is beautiful! and even though you're renting, it still looks so homey and cozy.


  4. don't you think that chicken and peanut butter clash as food stuffs like red and pink? I'm thinking of blogging on that.

    ;) xx thanks for your fb advice earlier i feel it was very valuable

  5. Omgoodness... your little home is ADORABLE. I am always drawn to Vintage/Shabby Chic items and your Decor is just that! Love!


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