Thursday, 30 September 2010

You are my sunshine...

So a lot of people like to blame America for things that they really aren't at fault for, this is not one of those occasions! You'all have stolen the SUN! I landed in CO last night at 6pm local time after 9 hours of flying towards the sun... She was teasing us just above the horizon, and as we flew "back in time" she continued to taunt us. Low and bright, with a fiery glare.

I don't feel England has seen much Sun this summer, so we aren't exactly on good terms. I think the 9 hours of banter through the oblique crack in the window blind next to MY seat (just my luck) really did result in a excellent resolve. We began our decent into Denver CO approaching her slipping into her Pj's. As our plane banked to line up to land, the ground, without warning, went from flat to the most exquisite peaks and She tucked herself to bed behind the Rocky's.

With a sleeping toddler on one arm and a gyrating 10month old on my lap, I knew that the moment should not be spent wrecklessly in mourning my camera being out of reach. So I put my head back and soaked up her last, consoling magenta rays - a scene that with forever compensate every grey English summer day that ever has been, or will be.

And then this morning, she graciously stretched and rose up to greet us on our way back from our 4.30am Walmart trip (kids body clocks were set to mid-day) and then she hung around all day. She didn't sneak off for a rest or respite, oh no, she just generously baked us all day long.

Now with her warm kiss upon my shoulders I head to bed for the first time in 48hrs.

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