Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Shower of LOVE

Im not a "one best friend forever" kinda gal. I tend to have one best friend from each phase of my life, and these friendships - by the grace of God - have endured time (some over a decade, and im only 24!), distance and the different paths we've followed. They deserve a post of their own.

This post is about one of my nearest and dearest. Mrs Chelsea Fisher. We met properly just before her wedding in 2007, she was in our church and her parents needed a place to stay when they came from Australia for her big day. We had a spare room so they stayed with us. Regrettably her mum fell terribly ill just weeks before her wedding - her Mum's life was spared by the grace of God and the whole experience together with her wedding planning, dress fittings and hospital visits was the fast track foundation to the amazing friendship we have shared ever since.

Wasn't she a beautiful bride???

Chels with Levi, pregnant with Zach.

I had the amazing privilege of being in the delivery room when her first son, Zach was born. She looked after my Levi when I had Asher, and she and Tom became Asher's God parents.

Chels and Tom with Zach - minutes old.

Chels with our Asher - her Godson.

I am now sitting here with Zach asleep upstairs while she is in hospital in premature labour with her second son. We are trusting that the grace of our amazing Father and Creator that has seen us through so much with such steadfast faithfulness that he will be born perfect. He is coming seven weeks early.

Her shower was last night - Im still reeling in shock that we managed to surprise her, just before Baby2 decided to surprise us! 20 ladies for a sit down supper - relaxing out of the presence of our many beautiful children to celebrate one outstanding friend.

Me, a lot sleep deprived with greasy hair. I warned you all you'd get the whole truth from me!

The set up team, minus JoJo who left after doing all the manual labour before the cameras came out.

My Hubby - dont know another man who would do as much as he did these past few days for anyone. He rearranged the contents of my house at my every whim and desire, picked up the autumn leaves from the grass by hand, singlehandedly built the marquee, served us our meal, washed up starter disher from 20 ladies before I even got to serving the main... Im sure you get the idea... He is SUPERMAN :-) Or as Jules says - A tricorn - tree times rarer a man than a unicorn!

The photos dont do it justice!

She is the kind of girl who will be a best friend to many.

Sitting down for some supper.

Some of the beautiful gifts.

She is an incredible mother, wife and daughter of God.

Our ladies

Please join along side us in lifting her, her husband and their unborn son up in prayer!

Me, Chels, Tans and Shells after the shower was all done.

The time here is 23.16GMT on Sunday evening and I have just heard that she is still having contractions but they are giving her medication to allow baby's lungs to develop. Please hold her up in prayer!

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