Monday, 6 September 2010

Pray with us for Lucas Fisher

He's here. She did it! The drugs managed to keep her labour slow until some time shy of 5am and in 15 minutes from the get go he was born. Chels was blessed with some cuddles and then off he went to NICU to have some oxygen and to get warm.

When he was examined by the paediatrician they realised that his little oesophagus has not joined to his tummy but rather to his trachea, and that his bottom hole has no opening. He has been stablised and transferred to a children's hospital nearby where he will be seeing specialists and will need surgery.

He is nearly 7 weeks early and weighing 2.1kg (or 4.6lbs) and while has was breathing on his own today he has been put on a ventilator to transport him and keep him stable.

Please keep this precious family in your prayers - they have a long and uncertain road ahead of them and they will need to love of The Father now more than ever. I will update here as I get news.

Much Love

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