Wednesday, 22 September 2010

OK, so I lied - Forgive me?

Today Im supposed to be posting my crumble recipe. It just seems like sacrilege to do it without any pictures of the delicious warm pud, of which there are presently none.

The plan was to make it last night, be we've all caught a cold. All three of my boys are sleeping, and Im here with my head held low, full of shame, to say I just CANT do it. It deserves justice. It deserves pictures!

SO Im saving it for another day! What I can tell you all is that I've kept to my word in another case - the nursery! I have finally listed a lot of the baby things we arent using anymore.

I did it with such a heavy heart - I felt like I was discarding some special part of their babyhood, which has flashed by in what feels like a second. Then I shook myself back into reality and remembered that they are just things! Things, which if I sell, will enable me to shop and complete my nursery! And if I sell enough they may even mean I get to tag San Fran onto the end of my US trip!

Can you believe I join most of you in your time zone just next week? We will share the same sunshine for the first time since I join you all. Isnt that a thought?

Hope you are having fantastic days - Im still in flannel pj's drinking tea, wishing away our germs (and the HUGE mound of laundry).

Much Love

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