Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Apples

Along with the crisp, sweet, pink fruit come fresh mornings and a lazy sun. It doesnt bother to hang around as long these days, shows up late and tucks itself away beyond the pink horizon for an early night.

 We all know too well that its only just the start of its laziness.

But while the last few weeks of sunshine allow us to cloud gaze on our backs in our gardens, before we head in for a warming supper where we've traded berry jellies for fresh apple crumble with warm cream, lets really enjoy and savour the season at hand. Spice up your menu's. Sponge up the season's best.

Tomorrow I'll post my favourite crumble recipe, is SUPER simple and utterly delicious. The perfect way to use up the apples falling in you back garden (or your neighbours, or just from the market!).

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