Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Why we're are out of it...

My two little men have had the worst virus ever, one after another, the past week. It starts as a rash, which then become fluid filled blisters... it involved massive ulcers in their mouths and throats, fevers and lots of crying.  I only got pics of the beginning of the second round - its been that hectic.

The blisters... 

There has been very little no sleeping, eating or smiles for over a week.

There have been many tears (not just theirs) much helplessness and frustration.

The start

There has also been a little cooking, and a little crafting, so hopefully I can share that with you soon.

We also have some big news to announce, although to do it justice it needs its own post - very separate from this one.

Each of these spots have become blisters like on his little feet. 

Ashers arms are now COVERED in massive fluid filled blisters - I cant take his vest off to even take a picture. He gets too upset - and at bath time with a sobbing little poppet in my arms,  my camera was the furtherest thing from my mind.

The tiny blisters are now bigger than mu finger nail ... 

Hopefully we will be back soon. Just as I felt like we were getting things back on track - KAPOW... hand, foot and mouth disease.

Im so glad this isnt normally contracted by adults. SO glad. I would take it on if it meant saving them from the pain, but I certainly am glad Im not having to play nurse while incubating this little viral plague myself.

Much love, back soon. x


  1. Oh my goodness!! I am SO sorry. I want to cry for you. Those poor little darlings - how absolutely awful. Sending prayers your way for a quick recovery.

  2. oh no!!! how awful :( i'm so sad for you guys...i'm praying they get better very very quickly :( hang in there, mama!

  3. Ouch! That is so sad to see. Poor little guys (and poor mama). I hope they are feeling better soon!!!

  4. Poor little honey's. I hope they are feeling better soon!


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