Tuesday, 5 April 2011

One Month

Its been a whole month since I had my lovely post birthday day out with some ladies, but I can't resist posting all of things I had lined up before life took over and left me wondering how on earth its April 2011.  I keep accidentally typing 2001. I remember writing that date like it was yesterday - it feels much more appropriate. 2011 on paper looks space-age. But here it is. A decade has whizzed by at the speed of light and most days I wake up feeling like I should be rounding up my books for school - not rounding up my kids books for school. 

I "recently" had my first day out with friends in a number of years. I've since had another so I cant write with the same conviction about how much I needed it, loved it, need them more... I now feel a little guilty abandoning my man with spot covered toddlers and heading out in heels. 

The heels in question may have meant that I took a black cab from the station to the gallery - but I simply needed to show the bridge view. You needed to see it, right?

The London Eye, Big Ben and Parliament 

St Pauls Cathedral, The Gherkin 

This day started with a sweet friend (who we have since passed the kids horrific disease onto!) celebrating her 30th with a swanky high tea and the National Dining Rooms and the National Gallery. Champagne, scones, tarts and tea with aloof impeccably mannered staff to complete the experience. 

Sweet birthday girl Caro  - now down with HFMD

After and hour at tea, I met my sweet friend Jules and showed her to the Impressionist rooms in the gallery - a little Renoir, Degas, Monet and their cronies go a long way to making the afternoon feel even more special. We studied those paintings together, so being together with them in the same room brought with it and unspoken magic. It completed a bonding experience started a full decade ago, back when writing the date 2001 felt acceptable, where we longed to have our futures unfold before us - long before we longed for life to have brakes, the days when pedalled onward toward adulthood with vigour and expectation. 

Jules and I plus part of Nelsons column and trafalgar square

We struck gold at St Martins church off the square where the orchestra where practicing some Bach for their upcoming concert. Its a treasured discovery - you can sit in on their practice sessions on the weekends free of charge. We sat for nearly an hour before heading out to Harrods to Laduree for Macarons. 

St Martins

A little comedy never hurt - unless you're the owner of this bike outside Harrods. Woops. 

This is not art work - this used to be someones bike... 

A quick stop in at Laduree and a walk through the luxury shoe boudoir is all that we managed before Harroods shut shop, so we finished the evening with some window shopping. Have you EVER seen such lace!?


I'll be back again soon with more gap filling news - I've missed you guys. x


  1. We ought to put on heels more often! Good for you! And I hope your boys are much, much better.

  2. Sounds lovely! I love high tea!


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